Lion-Net - a group ofnetworking Lions

Lion-Net - a group ofnetworking Lions

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Why Lions? 

Why do we think of ourselves as lions?

When the PlanDemic started, the sheep obeyed the government and went willingly to the slaughter. 

Lions did their research, ignored lockdowns as much as possible, ignored dangerous masks and refused experimental, untried, and untested vaccines. 

Lions feast off the bones of sheep, which is why they're happy to see them join. For your own safety, if you are a sheep, don't let us find out! 

The small print

We are a 'non-profit' and nobody gets paid. Period. It's what lions do, innit? Annual membership for members is £7, with an initial £3 joining fee. Works out at under 20p a week.

Profits returned to members on a quarterly basis as Andrew doesn't want to get involved with the taxman!