Lion-Net - a group ofnetworking Lions

Lion-Net - a group ofnetworking Lions

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How can I become a member? 

Full Membership

Our annual membership is £7.00 a year, plus a once off joiners fee of £3.00 making a total of £10 for the first year. 

Tell us when you have held seven events and there will be a surprise for you. 

You may need a sponsor

You can't join Lion-Net unless you are sponsored by an existing member. Some events are held in people's homes so we are very strict on this. The exception here is if you have been to our Monday morning meetings at Caffè Milani or Holybella Cafe at least five times, then you may be sponsored by Andrew. 

You don't need to be a member to attend our Monday Morning session at Holybella Café, so you might find a sponsor there long before the five times! 

We'll explain why we need the information in the form below

Email - we send out a monthly newsletter explaining everything happening in the following month. Events which don't make the website will appear on this email. 

Full Name - If we don't know who you are... 

Mobile number - in case event details, meeting points etc. change. 

Telegram name - so we can invite you to join our private channel, a group on -

Postcode (first part only) - We don't need your full address so we don't ask for it - but we need to know which 'anchor' is your first 'port of call'

       N2 9PT = WRONG.        N2 =CORRECT

Fill in the form below 

Each item has to contain something, so if not applicable, perhaps enter: n/a?

Sponsor - We need one member to sponsor you.

Don't worry about a sponsor at this stage - unless you already have a sponsor. We'll invite you to one or two events where you might get to know someone to sponsor you.

We'll worry about the membership fee then! 

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