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Lion-Net - a group ofnetworking Lions

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Suggestions for event holders

2 Apr 2022

Holding an event at home

Not as hairy as it may seem. Years ago I ran a group of 800 people, holding at least 100 events a month. I never had trouble with members, except for Diana, women complained as she would choose a man for the night, and... 

But i dont want to dwell on Diane. 

And, ctainly no problems with utside events. 

For home events, mention the total number of places available and the cutoff day for enrolling in the event. Charging for home events is frowned upon, but bting a bottle or food is OK. 

Membership numbers

When holding events and someone books, ask for name and membership number. If an outside event, there may be issues so a mobile number may also be useful. 


What3Words is an app, available on Android and iPhone. It is used by DHL, UPS and most of the delivery companies involved with door to door deliveries. It divides every part of the world, including oceans and deserts, into areas just three metres square. And it's a British company. Each square has only three words to address it. For example, Holybella Café is ///daisy.eaten.mixer

Using What3Words addresses instead of our own, when giving out home addresses on the net, makes it a little more secure. 

Watch the What3Words Video below, an exciting delivery!