Lion-Net - a group ofnetworking Lions

Lion-Net - a group ofnetworking Lions

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Our Aims

We started with members of the Telegram's White Rose. Within a couple of months in 2020, we wised up to the PlanDemic! We are against the lockdown and the wearing of masks and ignored this as much as we possibly could. Whilst we aren't against the CoVid-19 vaccines, we are very much against forcing people to have these untried and untested vaccines, and most of us haven't taken them. If your aims don't agree with ours, it's best to walk on by. 

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Nort London Freedom

Meeting every Saturday from 3pm the Freedom Group are free thinking liberty lovers. 

Come and have a chat and meet new friends
At Elsie Cafe 10 Priory Road N8 7RD
Telephone 020-8348 3163